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      Making the Love List A small t - Barbara DeLeo

      Making the Love List A small t - Barbara DeLeo
      epub | 272.94 KB | English | Author :Barbara DeLeo | B081M9P4Z3 | 2020 | Barbara Deleo Books

      Book Description :

      Under Cover
      Under Fire
      Under Arrest

      .It's not easy saving a special agent's life with your hands cuffed behind your back

      Join USA Today Bestselling Author Fiona Quinn on the hunt for those bringing danger to American shores in these action adventure suspense thrillers driven by spies, conspiracy theories, political corruption and love.

      To beat the enemy at their own game, Rowan and Avery must break the rules.
      It only complicates things that they're falling in love.

      COLD RED -

      Here was Anna's chance to escape and survive. It would be so much easier without her special forces code - no man left behind. It's a cross-country cat and mouse game while maintaining her undercover status. It's hard to explain why a criminal would go to such lengths for the guy who is determined to throw her behind bars.

      EVEN ODDS -

      A plan is hatched to insert the two intelligence officers into the action-under the cover of a fake marriage-painting a target on Raine's back, enticing the mole out into the open.

      Damian wasn't there when his Delta Force brothers saved Raine from the terrorists in Afghanistan, will he be there for her this time when she's in the sniper's rifle sights?

      Category : | International Mystery & Crime, Romantic Action & Adventure, Women's Adventure Fiction

      Download link Here
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      Thanks for downloading Making the Love List A small t - Barbara DeLeo :

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